Your Wedding Reflects your Spirit!

At Sedona Elopement Weddings, we can help you capture the beauty, the splendor, the magic of Sedona for your very special wedding.  Sedona Elopement Weddings will provide an ordained,  non-denominational minister, two witnesses, and a fantastic red rock setting — all you need is a Marriage License and rings! Make one of the witnesses your photographer, the other a videographer, and you’ll have memories to last a lifetime! We will help you choose the location that reflects who you are, factoring in the best time of day for your wedding ceremony so you have wonderful light for your wedding pictures. Choose the ceremony that represents your beliefs from the ones we offer, or mix ‘n match the words, creating your own. We will put it all together for you–affordably and easily. See our Sedona Elopement Wedding Packages here. Let Sedona Elopement Weddings handle your wedding details. 

Sedona Elopement WeddingsCrescent Moon Ranch at Red Rock Crossing: Cathedral Rock and the waters of Oak Creek are the highlights of this favorite Sedona Elopement Weddings location. You can access the State Park from Crescent Moon Ranch in West Sedona (wedding reservation needed) or you can enter from the Village of Oak Creek side with a little hike.


Sedona Elopement WeddingsToasting to their new marital status at a local Sedona B&B after their ceremony in the rocks, this happy couple chose to add champagne, a wedding cake, and flowers to their Sedona Elopement Weddings package. They brought the marriage license and rings…

Sedona Elopement Weddings
The skies looked ominous for a moment, but the rain held off–then the clouds created a dramatic backdrop! Leslie McCandless and Joe Robinson (Sedona Elopement Weddings photographers) were honored to capture the images of  these joyful newlyweds as they enjoyed Crescent Moon Ranch at Red Rock Crossing.

Sedona is breathtaking in every season, and our weather is mostly mild. We at Sedona Elopement Weddings know all the most spectacular locations and times of day for Sedona weddings. The vibrant hues of the Southwest don’t get any more spectacular than when reflecting on the red rocks…  No permits are necessary when eloping outdoors, except at the state parks of Crescent Moon Ranch/Red Rock Crossing, or Red Rock State Park, which both require a reservation and fee. Crescent Moon Ranch is  a very popular wedding location and has lots of scenic spots for wedding photography–it is one of the few wedding locations that have both water and red rocks.  It can also have lots of people around, but, we at Sedona Elopement Weddings know some less frequented spots for wonderful wedding photography. Check out the variety of red rock locations where you can get married. Many of Sedona’s resorts and inns also have spectacular red rock view wedding sites, such as the Sedona Sky Ranch Lodge.

Sedona Elopement Weddings takes all the hassle out of planning a wedding. As long-time Sedona locals, we can help organize the perfect day for you! We can order a jeep to take you up to the hard-to-reach elopement wedding spots like Merry-Go-Round-Rock, we can refer you for flowers, cake, and champagne…  We are wedding professionals who love Sedona, love elopements, and love helping you with your Sedona Elopement Wedding!