Wedding Tree Knoll Wedding Location

Watch the color of the rocks change in this summer sunset wedding (above)

An intimate ceremony at Wedding Tree Knoll in the afternoon on a windy day (above).

Easy access and gorgeous views, even when rain threatens!

Rev. Joel Boyd (above) performed the wedding ceremony for Miriam and Firas, who, with a few select friends, came all the way from Germany to the  storm-threatening skies of Sedona. They chose the Wedding Tree Knoll Wedding location because of its easy of access and ample parking. They would also be close to their car if it started to rain. The variety of weather in Sedona makes the red rocks mysterious and magical… It didn’t rain on their elopement, but it created dramatic backdrops which are great for Sedona wedding photography.

 Wedding Tree Knoll in the Snow!

Wedding Tree Knoll Wedding Location Slideshow

Heather wanted to combine her honeymoon with her wedding ceremony. She chose the Wedding Tree Knoll in Sedona for her special day, and what a special day it was. Blue skies, red rocks–nature in all her glory, augmenting the beauty of this happy bride and her groom. Leslie McCandless of Sedona Elopement Weddings captured their wedding photography with one of the economical, unedited photography packages, which allowed their honeymoon budget to stretch further…


A glorious sunset a Wedding Tree Knoll in October for this very-much-in love couple. Patricia officiated, Stacy captured the photos, and Leslie captured the video.