Sedona Wedding Packages / Prices and FAQ

Basic Officiating Package without added Witnesses– $275
The most affordable of the Sedona Wedding packages–you bring your own witnesses!  It includes the ceremony of your choice performed by an ordained, non-denominational minister at a spectacular red rock location.  We’ll help you choose the perfect Sedona wedding ceremony spot according to accessibility, ease of parking, crowds, etc. No permits are needed for elopements in the red rocks, unless you chose Crescent Moon Ranch/Red Rock Crossing, which requires a $50 fee and reservation. Wedding license info available on our Referrals/Info page–you can order your license by mail from Mohave County, or pick it up in Phoenix or in Yavapai County on your way to Sedona.  Last-minute weddings are okay–we will suggest an easy-access red rock location, send you the directions and a choice of ceremonies. You just bring your license and rings! 

Basic Officiating Package with Witnesses– $355
If it’s just the two of you, we’ll bring the two witnesses required by AZ law. The wedding ceremony of your choice will be performed by an ordained, non-denominational minister at a spectacular red rock location.  (This fee includes the $40 per witness in addition to the Basic Officiating fee).

Basic Plus Package –$470
Only need a few photos? Another of the Sedona wedding packages offers officiating and unedited, professional photographs captured by a professional photographer for 45 minutes. Perfect for a simple elopement of just the two of you.  For a group of over eight people we recommend adding on “unedited” photography time at the cost of $75 per half hour. The unedited photos are uploaded to your own online web gallery that you can download, share and make high-resolution prints from. (If a second witness is needed, add $40. Photographer acts as first witness at no extra charge.)

Sedona Elopement Weddings Basic Plus Photos Package — $570
Includes the ceremony of your choice officiated at a spectacular red rock vista plus professional photography for one hour. ($275 officiating fee plus $295 photo package.) The best 50 photos are edited and uploaded to your own online web gallery that you can share and make high-resolution prints from. For additional photography time, add $100 per 1/2 hour (will include editing). For Crescent Moon Ranch, pictured below, we recommend the 1.5 hour photography package in order to get to all the spectacular photo locations that the Park offers. (If a second witness is needed, add $40. Photographer acts as first witness at no extra charge.)

 Sample 50 Images Package

sedona elopement weddings packages

Sedona Elopement Weddings  Photos & Video Package — $1070 

Includes the ceremony of your choice officiated at a spectacular red rock vista, professional photography for one hour with edited photos set up on your own wedding gallery online, and professional video of the ceremony and romantic after-shots edited into a Highlight video to music of your choice. The photographer and videographer double as witnesses for no extra charge.



Some Locations Cost More:

Most of our wedding locations are on Forest Service land and require no permit or additional fees, unless you plan to get married in one of our State Parks, where there is an additional reservation fee paid directly to the Park ($50 for a group of 15 or less).

Also, Merry Go Round Rock, one of our adventurous Sedona wedding locations, requires a high-clearance jeep to get up the rough road and takes more time, so plan for added costs (almost double the cost of an elopement at one of our accessible locations).

Another adventure location, the Cathedral Rock Trailhead at the top of the Back O’ Beyond site, is a strenuous hike and doubles the cost of the wedding. To keep costs down, we recommend the lower site for the ceremony with guests, and then, after the ceremony, just the couple go up to the top with the photographer.

Last-Minute Locations:

Ask us about our easy-access and easy-parking locations. Get married in a gorgeous red rock site without needing a reservation or needing a 4-wheel vehicle on a rough road. Some of our ceremony sites take only a minute or two to walk to.

Wedding Planning for Bigger Groups:

Do-It-Yourself or Added Planning? These outdoor elopements on public land are affordable!  Our years of experience officiating and photographing weddings in Sedona have allowed us to garner all sorts of valuable information, from time of day for the best light, to advice about where to go for less crowded red rock views, including where not to go during the busiest tourist season.  We share that info with you on this site and on the Referrals/Info page so you can have the easy, carefree, budget-friendly wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

GROUPS: For groups of 15 – 50, we offer additional Wedding Planning if you need more help than a few emails and/or phone calls, which is what is included in our Basic Officiating fee.  We also offer Day-Of-On-Site Coordination. We understand that getting married is not something you do everyday, so there are questions! We have all sorts of info on this site to guide you. We will suggest locations and time of day that work for your size group, because there are parking and accessibility issues here in the red rocks. Sometimes a location will be chosen because someone in your family won’t be able to walk comfortably. Be aware that most of the outdoor locations do not allow you to set up chairs, so guests stand. (You may bring one or two camping chairs if you have an elderly or infirm guest.)

One of the locations offers a picnic site that is rent-able for the whole day for $125.  It has picnic tables and reserved parking for groups of 15-50. Another location allows bigger groups (up to 100 guests) and allows chairs for guests to be set up.  It’s possible to create a very affordable wedding if you cater it yourself, or you may just plan to have a champagne toast and wedding cake with your guests after the ceremony.

We offer the option of extra planning for bigger groups at the State Parks. If you desire this option, add $200 to the $275 officiating fee. We will help you put the wedding day together so you don’t run out of light for your wedding pictures! We also offer the services of a Day-Of-On-Site Coordinator who will organize the bridal party from the processional through the wedding pictures, remaining after the ceremony to direct pictures, champagne, cake cutting, etc.

“Making the Grand Entrance.” When a bride does not want the groom to see her until she’s “walking down the aisle” (which is not an “aisle” in these outdoor locations) it adds time and organizing challenges to the wedding, so plan to add half an hour to the photo package ordered. In most elopements, the bride and groom drive together to the site and he’s already seen her in all her finery, but if a bride has always dreamed of seeing the look in his eyes as he’s waiting by the altar (nature’s altar, in this case) we can make that happen. It just takes some additional time and planning. You must tell us before the wedding day if you will be driving separately. When we meet the groom at the site and he tells us for the first time that the bride is “on her way,” what invariably happens is that the couple runs out of photo time on the back-end.

**Photography Package Options — For most elopements, photography starts with the ceremony. It includes the signing of the license, group/family shots, and then those wonderful romantic shots in front of the red rocks.

For groups of 8 or more, we recommend the 1.5 hour photo package ($275 officiating fee plus $395 photo package).

For groups of 20 or more, we recommend the 2-hour photo package ($275 officiating fee plus $495 photo package).

If you would like “getting-ready” photos at your hotel, add an hour to your photo package.

If you desire more photography time, Multiple Locations, or want to see more packages, click here to go to Packages page.

***More Details on Video options here:

For groups larger than 50, we suggest you contact one of Sedona’s wedding venues or resorts. Many of the resorts that specialize in weddings have an on-site wedding coordinator. The red rock locations out in the Forest Service land are for smaller groups and eloping couples.

Options and Extras for Sedona Elopement Weddings Packages: 

  • A USB drive of edited images (in addition to web gallery upload) — $29
  • A Sound healer with crystal bowls, didgeridoo, drums and zither-harp — $195
  • All unedited images copied onto a USB drive with an edited package —  $100
  • Extra Photography Time — $200 per hour (includes edited images)            
  • Youtube Photo Slideshow uploaded with music  —  $75
  • Engagement Party, Rehearsal dinner, etc.  —  $195 and up
  • A printed Photo Album — Call for options and pricing