Sedona Wedding Photographers

We have professional wedding photographers on the team — Stacy and Joe. They know how to capture the amazing colors of the red rocks! When the sun is bright in the background, they all know the secrets of using light to keep both you and the amazing colors of the red rocks looking great!

Using state-of-the-art photography equipment, Sedona Elopement Weddings photographers’ years of experience in Sedona have taught them the most beautiful places and best times of day for Sedona wedding photography. Call to discuss a variety of Sedona wedding locations!

Photographer Joe Robinson has been photographing the beauty of the Southwest all his life. Originally from Phoenix, his interest in capturing nature in all her splendor intensified when he moved to Sedona twenty years ago.  Every Sedona wedding he photographs allows him to expand his creative vision and gets him out in the red rocks he loves!

Most of the images you see on this site are his, and you may see more galleries here:


Sedona Wedding Photographer

Stacy Burk is the true western artist. Professional photographer, country singer, and model, he understands the visual arts from many viewpoints. Bringing his years of experience to capturing wedding photography in Sedona, he is adamant about the use of light when photographing the red rocks during their dramatic shift of color around sunset.

Stacy’s specialty is adventure wedding photography. You can see more of his work here:


Sedona wedding photography