Native American Ceremony

Native American Wedding Ceremony

Looking for a Native American Wedding Ceremony in the red rocks? Jim Graywolf, of the United Western Lenape tribe, performs ceremony in Sedona and the surrounding area. He will personalize your native wedding ceremony as he calls in the Four Directions, the animal and nature spirits and other energies that accompany you on your journey. A sacred space will be created with drumming and sage as you exchange your vows. Nothing may be burned on the Forest Service lands where you’ll have your wedding ceremony, but Jim will smudge with sage hydrosol. You may include a traditional blanket ceremony; just bring a blanket and he will add it to your Native American Wedding Ceremony.
Native American ceremony in the red rocks of Sedona

From Jim
I am Italian Romany Gypsy and Native American by birth. My grandmother, an Italian Romany medicine woman, taught me visionary skills before she passed on. I am also a member of the United Western Lenape tribe – serving as Chief Ambassador. My peers and communities call me elder or shaman – I call myself Jim or Graywolf.  I have been privileged to officiate at numerous weddings over the years – indigenous or spiritual. In addition to being trained by my many cultural families – Native American, Mayan, spiritual – in their wedding ceremonies, I am also a minister of the Universal Light Church. I would be honored to bring my experience to co-create your Native American Ceremony.
Jim Graywolf Petruzzi